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Denzel Washington

Academy Award Winner

Director & Star, The Great Debaters


"(Robert) never said anything about his writing and found out later he's written books, working on screenplays, (and) making movies. Just was an unusual cat.


"Came in and read and (there) was just something about him that I like. And obviously he's very intelligent."

(Interview with Ukee Washington on CBS 3/Philadelphia)

*Photo Credit: A. McKinney/E.L. Shepard)



Stephen J. Rivele

Oscar Nominated Screenwriter


"(Robert wrote) one of the most courageous screenplays I've ever read. Just taking on the subject that it attempts was an act of great courage. But that (he) pulled it off with such sophistication and grace and power is a real testament to true talent. I was extremely moved.

"A beautiful screenplay. Beautifully done. Exquisitely executed on a subject that I think would defy the efforts of most mainstream Hollywood screenwriters. And this is what I mean when I say young people have to challenge Hollywood to renew its birthright for sensitivity and courage and cutting edge issues. And this screenplay is a perfect example of that."

Set In Philadelphia Screenplay Competition Press

Conference, Greater Philadelphia Film Office)

*Photo Credit: Rob Kates/GPFO



Brian Anthony Wilson

Barrymore Award Winner

HBO's The Wire, Glass, Creed

"I've been a fan of (Robert) for a number of years and just admired that someone that young knew what he wanted to do from (an) early age, and went about doing whatever he needed to do to get that experience and to learn the craft.

"I'm just a big fan of his, and his determination, work ethic, writing, and acting."

(Photo of Robert and Brian as father and son on set of the award-winning drama Punch Me.)

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