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Of this you can be certain: You will die.

After a devastating loss, a graduate student’s personal relationships and the road to becoming a successful screenwriter are thrown into jeopardy. The unexpected turmoil forces him to reckon with his fear of self-mortality and the mortality of those around him. His deep-seated insecurities, and the power of people's words (and his own), will rock him to his core.

Is anyone ever prepared to be hindered in their pursuits, to be told no, to be blindsided, or to possibly abandon a dream? 

Funny, with the most masterfully laid plans, a titan of blueprints, an envied network; not to mention great loves and friendships, your journey will end and it will be out of your control.

Along with geniuses, dynamic leaders, satisfied followers, the lazy, the broken, the unimaginative and even the unlucky, your final hour without question, is something that no man can halt.

In your time of judgment, as you make your transition from earthly things, will your experiences in the world have been optimal or squandered?
Cold Night In A Warm Season probes self-identity, sparring with destiny, wrestling with internal curveballs and external obstacles, facing detractors, owning your environment, discovering where your heart lies, and deciding what matters most in life.

What People Are Saying About "Cold Night In A Warm Season"

"Heavy, but insightful commentary."

"My goodness, I'm loving (Robert's) book!"

"I just finished reading (the) book and did find it compelling. It touches on many aspects of life including school, personal relationships, perseverance, expectations, culture, love, family, illness and death. But it also ends on a hopeful and positive note. With all of the dialogue, it seems like the book could also be turned into a play or screenplay."